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A season of giving: Manipal Hospitals' Christmas delight for the elderly

A season of giving: Manipal Hospitals' Christmas delight for the elderly

Christmas, a season synonymous with joy, celebration, and gift-giving, has always been associated with the excitement of receiving presents. A tradition where the elderly often experience the essence of Christmas by gifting the younger generation and finding joy in their acts had a delightful surprise in store for them this Christmas. Rather than leaving the onus of gifting solely to the elders, the team at Manipal Hospitals was all set with a heart-warming, community-based activity to ensure that the elderly loved ones received the joy of surprise and celebration.

On 23rd December 2023, Santas from all the 12 South Cluster units of Manipal Hospital — 10 Manipal Hospital units in Bengaluru — geared up for the heart-warming mission to bring smiles to the faces of senior citizens. The initiative began by reaching out to apartment and building associations, urging them to nominate senior citizens who would benefit from this Christmas surprise. The response from the community had been overwhelming, with numerous nominations pouring in. Acknowledging the enthusiasm and extensive participation, the organizing team adopted a fair and delightful approach by selecting the recipients through a lucky draw. In each of the south cluster units, around 30 fortunate senior citizens were chosen to receive gifts and goodies this Christmas.

The meticulously chosen gifts and goodies were personally delivered to the selected senior citizens by a team from Manipal Hospitals, spreading Christmas cheer and warmth throughout the community. 

90-year-old Mr Subramaniyam from Athashri said, "For the last 6-7 years, I have been coming to Manipal Varthur. The service there is something exemplary. The customer service team and everyone have been very helpful, especially towards senior citizens. They took care of me like a father when I was admitted to the hospital. I wish everyone a Happy Christmas and New Year." 

Mr Nandalal, a 92-year-old gentleman from Golden Enclave, recollected his memories and explained why festivals are important, saying"Festivals are celebrated to bring people together. Irrespective of different faiths, people should focus on their inner spirituality. As we celebrated Christmas, we reconnected with God and our faith in him." 

90-year-old Mrs Geetha Sengupta from The Virtuoso - Columbia Pacific Communities wished everyone a Merry Christmas and said, "I am so surprised and astonished to receive wishes like this for the first time. Thank you, everyone, and Merry Christmas. All the Best and keep up the good work."

Mr Krishna Murthy, a 101-year-old gentleman from Priaashraya Senior Living, spoke on his deep connection with Christmas and the joy of sharing, "It is so nice to see Santa Claus after so many years. I remember receiving wishes when I was in school. Today, it feels great to receive gifts and goodies from the Manipal team who are involved in similar activities. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year." 

Manipal Hospitals cordially invited everyone to join in this celebration of Christmas and made it memorable for elderly friends.

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