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AdventHealth Hospital successfully completes craniosynostosis surgery utilising cutting-edge VisAR augmented reality surgical navigation

AdventHealth for Children, a nationally recognised children's hospital and network of pediatric specialists based in Central Florida, recently performed the successful completion of a cranial vault remodelling for craniosynostosis utilising the VisAR augmented reality surgical navigation system. The surgery, performed to correct a child's misshapen skull, highlights the use of augmented reality (AR) as an effective guide during complex surgeries.

Craniosynostosis is a congenital condition in which an infant's skull bones fuse prematurely, resulting in an abnormal head shape and potential developmental issues. The surgical team at AdventHealth for Children, led by Chief of Pediatric Reconstructive Surgery, Dr Raj Sawh-Martinez, harnessed the capabilities of VisAR surgical navigation during surgery and compared a more conventional approach using 3D printed templates. The VisAR system projected the planned surgical cuts needed to correct the deformity through the VisAR heads-up display onto the surface of the child's skull, which were then marked with a surgical marker.

VisAR provided real-time, three-dimensional visualisation of the patient's anatomy during the operation, as well as enhanced precision and accuracy. Traditional craniosynostosis surgery requires multiple highly involved steps to complete. AR technology promises to allow surgeons to navigate the complex correctional cuts with detailed visualisation, simplifying the surgery as a whole.

Craniosynostosis surgery is typically performed either free hand or using 3D-printed guides to assist the surgeon in marking and reconstructing a child's skull. When comparing AR navigation to the 3D-printed guide, Dr Raj Sawh-Martinez commented, "The functionality and precision of this new technology is incredible. AR navigation is the holy grail for these types of surgeries, and we're so excited to be able to offer it to patients and families and make lasting impacts in the lives of children with craniofacial conditions." 

VisAR offers real-time superimposition in 3D space of the patient's preoperative MR or CT and patient-specific anatomical overlays. It has been used in an array of surgical disciplines throughout the world, including spine, neurosurgery, orthopaedics, interventional radiology, and plastic surgery. Its applications continue to expand.

VisAR has been used for surgery in 8 different countries, is FDA-cleared for stereotactic spinal surgery, and is currently available for purchase in the United States, Mexico, and Indonesia. A cranial indication is pending with the FDA.

About Novarad Corporation

Novarad is a global healthcare technology company specialising in the development and deployment of innovative medical imaging and informatics solutions.

About AdventHealth for Children 

AdventHealth for Children is a nationally recognised children's hospital and network of pediatric specialists, programs and care facilities that sets the standard for innovation, quality and comprehensive care.

The AdventHealth for Children care network includes more than 250 paediatricians and pediatric specialists practising 35 subspecialties, community speciality clinics, pediatric rehabilitation, pediatric emergency rooms and Centra Care Kids urgent care.

AdventHealth for Children is one of the nation's best and safest children's hospitals, ranked as a Top Children's Hospital by the Leapfrog Group, a three-time gold standard Magnet designated hospital by the ANCC, and recognised by US News & World Report as a national leader in newborn care.

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