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AirAsia India and Air India Express announce a special service for Unaccompanied Minors

AIX empowers young explorers between 5 and 12 years with the freedom to travel solo, while ensuring a safe, comfortable and warm travel experience.

AirAsia India and Air India Express announce a special service for Unaccompanied Minors travelling on domestic and international flights

Air India Express and AirAsia India announce the launch of their Unaccompanied Minor (UMNR) service, a dedicated and safe travel option for young flyers between the ages of five (5) and twelve (12) years, enabling them to travel across all direct sectors. The service, which was offered on international flights, has been enhanced and extended to domestic sectors as well, providing parents and guardians with the comfort and peace of mind that these young travellers will be taken special care of and have a seamless and enjoyable travel experience. The Unaccompanied Minor service can be booked on the airline’s website or airport sales counters at a starting price of ₹5,000.

Offering dedicated assistance, young flyers will be welcomed personally by the airline staff at the terminal before the airport security checks and assisted throughout all the regulated travel formalities at the airport. A valid photo identification document for both the child and the parent or guardian is required at departure and arrival for verification, and the parent or guardian is required to accompany the child to the airport and arrive at least 2 hours before the scheduled departure for domestic flights. On arrival, airline staff will accompany and assist the child through the airport arrival process until they are safely reunited with their parent or guardian.

Talking about the launch, Ankur Garg, Chief Commercial Officer, shared, "We are always looking for ways to enhance the travel experience of our guests. With the extension of Unaccompanied Minor services to all our domestic sectors, we aim to provide a comfortable and welcoming flying experience to young explorers travelling solo. The well-being of our young flyers is of paramount importance to us, and our dedicated staff will ensure a seamless and secure journey for young travellers from check-in till arrival."

The unaccompanied minor services are the latest in a host of integrated product and service offerings extended by Air India Express and AIX Connect in the run-up to their merger. The airlines are widely credited for offering a delicious range of oven-hot meals as part of the in-flight dining brand, ‘Gourmair’ including kids meals, healthy, vegan and Jain options, MasterChef Specials, Regional Favourites, All-Day Breakfast, Seasonal Fruits, Lite Bites and Delectable Desserts.

Young flyers will also be in for a treat with the airline’s in-flight entertainment hub, Airflix. AirFlix offers a host of customised options, including games, ed-tech content, articles, and much more, to keep young flyers engaged throughout their journey.

About Air India Express

Air India Express, launched in 2005, is India's first international budget carrier and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Air India. It meets the need for affordable services on short and medium-haul routes connecting smaller Indian towns directly to the Gulf and South East Asia regions. With 20 Indian cities and 14 international destinations in its network, the airline operates more than 600 flights a week. The airline has a fleet of 26 Boeing 737-800 NG aircraft. In January 2022, Air India Express, together with Air India, was successfully privatised, with ownership returning to the Tata group that had initially founded Air India.

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