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America's egg farmers donate 64,000 eggs to Capital Area Food Bank

High-quality, nourishing protein delivered to food bank in time for Easter

America's egg farmers donate 64,000 eggs to Capital Area Food Bank

American Egg Board, in partnership with Puglisi Egg Farms and HATCH for Hunger, on behalf of America's egg farmers, today donated 64,000 eggs and two large, refrigerated coolers to Capital Area Food Bank in Washington DC Tom Perez, senior advisor to the President and director of the office of intergovernmental affairs at the White House, participated in the donation event.

High-quality, nutritious food matters to everyone, and egg farmers are committed to fighting hunger through generous donations of eggs to their local food banks and communities year-round, ensuring that this complete source of protein with essential vitamins and minerals is plentiful and accessible. 

The eggs were donated from Howell, New Jersey-based Puglisi Egg Farms on behalf of America's egg farmers. John Puglisi, president of Puglisi Egg Farms, said, "America's egg farmers, and really every farmer or person who produces food, strive to be a good neighbour, community member and business owner. We want to help those in need in our local communities. We're proud to provide high-quality, nourishing eggs to food banks in our communities including the Capital Area Food Bank."

Eggs are among the most requested foods at food pantries, and the Washington, DC, region is especially in need of food donations like the one made today. According to the Capital Area Food Bank's 2023 Hunger Report, a third of the DMV region, which includes the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia, experiences food insecurity. Even among households earning $120,000 – the median for the region – food insecurity is affecting 1 in 5 households. This donation will provide much-needed meal solutions for individuals and families in local communities this Easter season.

"Households with kids are 60% more likely to be affected by food insecurity than households without kids," said Emily Lauer-Bader, director of corporate partnerships at the Capital Area Food Bank. "Families need nourishing food, and many are struggling to access versatile, high-quality protein. Eggs are often one of the products most in demand. We are grateful to America's egg farmers, Puglisi Egg Farms and HATCH for Hunger for their generous donation today."

In 2023, America's egg farmers donated over 50 million eggs to their local food banks and communities. This is the second consecutive year that America's egg farmers have donated thousands of meals worth of eggs to the Capital Area Food Bank and local DC community, a tradition they hope to continue.

This is paired with a donation of 64,000 eggs for Monday's White House Easter "EGGucation" Roll. Those eggs will be used for the event's egg hunt, egg decorating, egg-based food served to attendees and the iconic egg roll itself.

"Eggs are always in high demand at food banks and food pantries. They're a key part of the diet for many Americans, with 90% of American homes having eggs in their refrigerator. Access to good sources of protein, like eggs, really matters to communities facing hunger and food insecurity," said Emily Metz, president and CEO of the American Egg Board. "America's egg farmers are proud to provide eggs to families in need this Easter season and will continue donations to communities across the US throughout the year."

One of the many challenges facing food banks and pantries is inadequate packaging and refrigeration for donated perishable foods like eggs. Along with the 64,000 eggs donated today, Capital Area Food Bank also received two large, refrigerated coolers from HATCH for Hunger in partnership with America's egg farmers to help store perishable donations.

About American Egg Board (AEB) 

Home of The Incredible Egg, American Egg Board (AEB) supports America's egg farmers in its mission to increase demand for US eggs and egg products through research, education and promotion. The AEB is located in Chicago.

About the Capital Area Food Bank 

The Capital Area Food Bank works to address hunger today and create brighter futures tomorrow for over a million neighbours across the region experiencing food insecurity. As the anchor in the area's hunger relief infrastructure, they provided nearly 61 million meals to people in need last year by supplying food to hundreds of nonprofit organisations, including Martha's Table, SOME – So Others Might Eat, DC Central Kitchen, Food for Others, Manna Food Center and others. It also works in partnership with organisations across the region to address hunger's root causes by pairing food with critical services such as education, health care and job training.

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