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Cookies for a Cause: Big Blue Marble Academy celebrates a heartfelt success in giving back

Preschoolers from Alabama's leading early childhood educator raise nearly $14,000 for children in need around the world

Cookies for a Cause: Big Blue Marble Academy celebrates a heartfelt success in giving back

Big Blue Marble Academy, the leader in early childhood education known for providing infant and toddler care, preschool, aftercare, and summer camp programs, is pleased to announce the resounding success of its annual "Cookies for a Cause" service learning Heart Project, which took place throughout September and raised nearly $14,000 by the children and families in Alabama. This initiative exemplifies Big Blue Marble Academy's mission to teach children the value of giving back to their local and global community.

During the campaign, Big Blue Marble Academy students throughout Alabama displayed extraordinary dedication and compassion. Through pre-baked cookie sales, they raised substantial funds that have already begun making a profound impact. Big Blue Marble Academy is pleased to share the remarkable results of this heartwarming endeavour:

  • Supporting an Orphanage in Ukraine: The generous contributions from the "Cookies for a Cause" project have brought hope and joy to the lives of children at an orphanage in Ukraine.

  • Big Blue Marble Academy's commitment to making a difference on a global scale is now a reality, thanks to the heartfelt efforts of Big Blue Marble Academy's students.

The success of the "Cookies for a Cause" service-learning Heart Project reinforces Big Blue Marble Academy's core philosophy. Heart Projects are more than just charitable endeavours; they are transformative learning experiences. Through these projects, children discover their capacity to address real-world issues and create meaningful change in the lives of others.

The success of this campaign underscores Big Blue Marble Academy's commitment to nurturing compassionate, responsible, and community-minded individuals. Big Blue Marble Academy extends its heartfelt gratitude to everyone who contributed to this remarkable achievement.

About Big Blue Marble Academy Big Blue Marble Academy operates 59 schools providing early care, preschool, after-school care, and summer camps for children ages 6 weeks to twelve years. BBMA nurtures little minds through a robust preschool curriculum that ensures children are developmentally, socially, and emotionally prepared for kindergarten and beyond. Its emphasis on global awareness and character development teaches children invaluable lessons, growing big hearts that are ready and eager to take on the world.

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