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Demand for Skilled Talent Continues: 33% rise in Companies Hiring from Simplilearn’s SimpliRecruit

Demand for Skilled Talent Continues: 33% rise in Companies Hiring from Simplilearn’s SimpliRecruit

Simplilearn, the world’s #1 online boot camp for digital skills training, sees a 33% uptick in companies recruiting talent from its new hiring platform SimpliRecruit within the first quarter of its launch since December 2022. SimpliRecruit, the one-stop platform to hire job-ready, industry-trained talent, has added 150 new companies to the existing 450 companies on the platform, resulting in 600 companies hiring from the platform as of April 2023. The newly onboarded 150 companies are recruiting for more than 750 open positions from SimpliRecruit, aiming to expand their workforce with Simplilearn learners.

Employer interest in hiring is highest for engineering and technology jobs on SimpliRecruit, where candidates have been recruited for software development and data science-related roles. Companies collaborate with us on the platform to hire professionals across roles with job-ready skills. The portal covers over 3 million learners across 300+ core skills. Among the learners on the platform, 18,000+ are from the Data and AI category, 11,900+ from Digital Business, 49,600+ from Digital Operations, and 24,000+ from other Technology-related domains.

Speaking on SimpliRecruit’s growth in the past quarter, Mr. Krishna Kumar, Founder and CEO of Simplilearn, said, “We launched SimpliRecruit with a vision to bridge the gap between employers and graduates, accurately matching talent to relevant roles. We wanted a portal facilitating easy recruitment for job seekers and companies to find the best fit for each other. In the first quarter, we saw a significant increase in the companies looking for talent on our portal. This growth shows companies’ interest in Simplilearn’s graduates and highlights the value our learners bring to the table. We look forward to providing the best to enterprises and facilitating skilled professionals in exploring relevant career and growth opportunities.”

The learners are taught by domain experts with experience working on industry projects. With Simplilearn’s expertise in upskilling, gained through training millions of learners, SimpliRecruit aims to improve candidate mapping efficiency by effectively aligning relevant candidates to enterprise projects and opportunities. The platform is currently free for recruiters, and SimpliRecruit relationship managers assist the recruiting companies in the hiring process at no additional cost. Some current hiring partners on the SimpliRecruit platform include Tech Mahindra, Mphasis, DSP, Ericsson, Capgemini, Sutherland, Intellect, Bank of America, Quest, Onmobile, Mu Sigma, Fullerton India, Lowe’s, CLSA, Allstate, and Principal.

About Simplilearn

Founded in 2010 and based in San Francisco, California, and Bangalore, India, Simplilearn, a Blackstone portfolio company, is the world’s #1 online Bootcamp for digital economy skills training. Simplilearn offers access to world-class work-ready training to individuals and businesses worldwide. The Bootcamps are designed and delivered with world-renowned universities, top corporations, and leading industry bodies via live online classes featuring top industry practitioners, sought-after trainers, and global leaders. From college students and early career professionals to managers, executives, small businesses, large corporations, and governments, Simplilearn’s role-based, skill-focused, industry-recognized, and globally relevant training programs are ideal upskilling solutions for diverse career or/and business goals.

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