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Drogo Drones empowers rural women in NaMo Drone Didi initiative

Drogo Drones empowers rural women in NaMo Drone Didi initiative

Drogo Drones, a leading innovator in drone technology, continues its dedication to empowering rural communities through its participation in the NaMo Drone Didi initiative. On Monday, the company showcased its commitment by delivering advanced drones to NaMo Drone Didis and participated in the prestigious program that has been initiated by the Hon. Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi. He mentioned, 'NaMo Drone Didi' scheme will open opportunities for women across India in learning new skills to become self-sustainable. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday distributed 1,000 drones to NaMo Drone Didis from across the nation, who demonstrated their skills simultaneously from 10 different locations.

The NaMo Drone Didi scheme, championed by the Government of India, aims to uplift rural women by providing them with the skills and tools necessary to become proficient drone pilots. By integrating women into the agricultural supply chain as drone pilots, the initiative fosters economic independence and enhances the efficiency of farming practices.

As part of this initiative, Drogo Drones supplied cutting-edge drones to a group of women in Gujarat through Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers & Chemicals Limited (GNVFCL), Ahmedabad, furthering the adoption of drone technology in agriculture.

Drogo Drones offered the training with the support of Dronelab Technologies P Ltd, by giving all the required expertise to operate drones for agricultural purposes and issued Remote Pilot Certificate (RPC).

Mr Yeshwanth Bonthu, CEO of Drogo Drones said, "Drogo shall remain committed to leveraging technology for social good and is proud to support initiatives that empower such communities." He added, "By equipping rural women with drone technology skills, the company aims to foster inclusive growth and create opportunities for sustainable development."

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