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Introducing the world's first nuclear-powered carbon offset for the fashion industry

Presenting a sexier way to save the planet: Creating a new pathway for everyone to participate in the race to net zero.

Introducing the world's first nuclear-powered carbon offset for the fashion industry

Rickey Ruff, Founder and Managing Director of Global Nuclear Concepts has launched the first-ever Nuclear-Powered Carbon offset for the Fashion Industry. Rickey launched Global Nuclear Concepts to decarbonize fashion manufacturing. Each year, fashion is responsible for 1.7 billion tonnes of carbon emissions. Instead of planting trees, the proceeds from this offset are used to deploy micro-nuclear reactors at clothing factories worldwide, bringing these particular emissions to net zero.

Rickey Ruff is bringing two unlikely yet very exciting sectors together. He's uniquely positioned to achieve his ambitions by leveraging his experience in the fashion industry (working in important roles at Ralph Lauren & Adidas) and his relationships with nuclear reactor manufacturers. Rickey detailed the initiatives of Global Nuclear Concepts at COP 28 in Dubai and NEI's Nuclear Energy Assembly in Washington DC. He is also working on flagship deployment projects in Nepal & Turkey.

Fashion companies have committed to reducing carbon emissions, yet there is still no clear harmonized pathway to achieve this. Global Nuclear Concepts is bringing comprehensible expectations and practical actions via the voluntary carbon market to the climate change dilemma because its offsets fund the direct displacement of fossil fuels. Rickey is creating an onramp for global participation in the fight against climate change. The fact that everyone wears clothes makes this an inclusive way to participate in a solution for our planet.

According to Global Nuclear Concepts' Senior Advisor, Professor Joshua S. Goldstein, co-author of A Bright Future, How Some Countries Have Solved Climate Change and the Rest Can Follow, "Humanity can fix climate change and prosper by expanding on the example of countries like Sweden & France: building out both nuclear power and renewable energy, developing new reactor designs, and pricing carbon pollution." (Hachett, 2019) Visit to become a GNC-VIP & you can find more information about our mission and join the National Carbon Registry for insider access to our events. You're invited to one of our Pop-Up Nuclear/Fashion Museums presented at Fashion Weeks worldwide or to any other of our collaborative sessions.

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