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Manipal Hospital Malleshwaram marks World Patient Safety Day 2023 with educational initiatives

Manipal Hospital Malleshwaram marks World Patient Safety Day 2023 with educational initiatives

On behalf of World Patient Safety Day 2023, Manipal Hospital Malleshwaram celebrated with a week-long series of activities focused on this year's theme 'Engaging Patients for Patient Safety'.

Throughout the week, the hospital organised several educational initiatives among patients, attendants, and the general public on safety precaution measures through role plays, mono-acting, and quizzes for the patients. Various topics such as fall prevention, Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR), first aid measures for foreign bodies and fractures, pressure ulcer prevention, post-operative care, ergonomics, and the use of assistive devices were covered in these sessions. Patients and their attendants were encouraged to learn and demonstrate chest compressions and artificial breaths on a mannequin.

A highlight was the Patient Safety Quiz, where patients and their attenders took part and winners received first aid kits as tokens of appreciation. The hospital staff also prepared many informative videos on topics such as the 90-second mantra for fall prevention, hand hygiene practices, diabetic foot care, medication safety, the use of a spirometer, and more. These videos were displayed in waiting areas for patients and patient attendees to gain these crucial healthcare insights.

Patient educational pamphlets were distributed widely, providing valuable resources to enhance health and safety awareness. In solidarity with the World Health Organisation's orange symbol for patient safety, the hospital premise was illuminated in orange lighting, with the staff wearing orange attire to showcase their support towards patient safety.

Dr Niranjan Rai, Hospital Director, Manipal Hospital Malleshwaram launched a Preventive Health Check package available now since September 2023 with an aim to promote health and well-being in the community and the importance of preventive healthcare measures. He said, "Manipal Hospital Malleshwaram has been organising many such educative activities to improve patient care. We will continue our mission to foster a culture of patient safety and education which is aligned with our goal of prioritising the well-being of the community we serve."

Marked by huge participation from patients, this event concluded successfully where extensive knowledge was shared, making it an unforgettable and one-of-a-kind week.

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