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Markasa village farmers learn about modern farm practices; courtesy state BJP Kisan Morcha

Markasa village farmers learn about modern farm practices; courtesy state BJP Kisan Morcha

Meghalaya BJP Kisan Morcha, led by its President Shri Ralden Bryan Shabong and Vice President Duruth Majaw, conducted a training program at Markasa village under the Eastern West District of Meghalaya. Under this program, vegetable seeds and sprayer machines were distributed free to the farmers, while training was provided to create awareness about new-age farming practices, which would ensure better yields, lower wastage and higher prosperity for the agrarian community of the village. The entire program was envisaged and carried out in coordination with the Central Government Institute and agricultural scientists.

Alongside the training program, suggestions for better governance were collected from the villagers, which is part of BJP's stated agenda, aimed at gathering insights from every inch of the country; an exercise meant to result in administrative agendas and policies necessary for fulfilling people's aspirations.

Earlier, state BJP Kisan Morcha organised a free health camp for farmer’s children under 15 years and also distributed prizes, jerseys, footballs and refreshments to all the children after an exhibition football match. Worth mentioning here, that this activity was actively supported by C R Projects and the Suraksha Medical team.

Meghalaya BJP Kisan Morcha president, Shri Shabong stated, “Our activities are meant to fulfil the prime minister's agenda of selfless service towards villages and progress of farmers across India.” 

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