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Masters of the Street: Winners revealed in Street Photography Gallery's inaugural contest

Masters of the Street: Winners revealed in Street Photography Gallery's inaugural contest

Street Photography Gallery (SPG World) proudly announces the grand winners of its inaugural global contest focusing on Street Portrait photography. Todd Visser from France secured the top spot, followed by David Williams from Canada in second place, and Soumayan Biswas from India secured the third position. A total of 20 finalists, including these winners, received accolades such as Gold Star certificates for the top three and Blue Star certificates for the remaining finalists.

Winners receive prestigious Gold Star certificates, while other finalists earn Blue Star certificates. Prizes also include media mentions, social media features, and free entry to SPG's Annual Exhibition. SPG, established in 2023, transcends international borders, hosting contests open to all without a login requirement.

Street Photography Gallery (SPG), established in 2023, stands as a prominent international award gallery, extending the reach of exclusive photography communities from social platforms to the open web. Founded by Abhishek Deb, an Indian news-media entrepreneur and defence veteran, SPG embraces a global perspective with a diverse team from four countries.

The core panel of judges and ambassadors, including Victor Shohet, Kevin Unger, Lil Steinberg, Goutam Maiti and Puspita Chowdhury are renowned for both their street photography expertise and years of curation experience. SPG conducts contests accessible to photographers worldwide, eliminating the need for login credentials to encourage broader participation.

SPG prioritises transparency and objectivity through a two-stage voting system, allowing for a thorough evaluation of a large number of uploads. The gallery aims to recognise the best street photographs annually, across various subsets of street photography.

The event was generously supported by Dais World and Zerodot Plus. SPG extends its gratitude to the jury, volunteers, and sponsors, making the Street Portrait contest a remarkable success. The gallery remains committed to discovering and celebrating outstanding street photography across diverse subsets every calendar year.

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