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MediBuddy's data reveals that early intervention is key to tackling diabetes

MediBuddy's data reveals that early intervention is key to tackling diabetes

MediBuddy, India’s largest digital healthcare platform, unveils workplace data that underscores the vital role in early diagnosis and diabetes management. According to the data, the prevalence of pre-diabetes is 32.5%, while the prevalence of diabetes is 11.31%, highlighting the importance of early intervention in reducing the incidence of diabetes later in life; pre-diabetes can be typically detected nearly a decade earlier. The data also reveals that approximately 13.7% of the patients with diabetes were male, while only 5.3% were female.

India accounts for one in seven of all adults living with diabetes globally. Accessibility to high-quality healthcare through telemedicine can help facilitate the uptake of preventive care and further lower health risks, especially in developing countries with a skewed doctor-to-patient ratio.

Dr Gowri Kulkarni, Head of Medical Operations, MediBuddy says, "Our data demonstrates the profound impact of preventive medicine in mitigating healthcare costs and enhancing patients' longevity and quality of life. We at MediBuddy advocate for preventive healthcare as a cornerstone of public health. Our industry must pivot from a reactive approach to a more proactive and primary care-centred model, whether delivered at home or in the workplace. "

Given the age statistics, the average age of individuals with diabetes was 50+ years, notably higher than that of pre-diabetic patients, between 20 and 40 years. Most of these patients took routine health check-ups with us, where they were initially diagnosed with either diabetes or pre-diabetes. The majority of these patients sought our care following their regular health examinations, during which they received their initial diagnosis of either diabetes or pre-diabetes.

After initial diagnosis, around 40% of those with diabetes and 25% with prediabetes opted to maintain continuous engagement with MediBuddy. Over a span of 7-8 months, MediBuddy's holistic approach, combining medication, dietary modifications, and exercise, led to remarkable improvements, including a 1.8% reduction in HBA1C levels and a 1 Kg/m^2 decrease in BMI. In cases involving significant comorbidities, diabetes-related complications, or unstable diabetes, patients were educated about the necessity of regular physical follow-ups, which they received from network doctors.

Dr Preeti Kumar Goyal, Vice President of Medical Services, MediBuddy vHealth says, "One of the most striking trends observed over the years is the reduction in the age at which prediabetes is diagnosed. This highlights that early detection and management of prediabetes can effectively prevent its progression to diabetes. Similarly, early detection and proactive management of diabetes can help lower blood sugar levels, reduce the need for medications, and prevent or delay the onset of any complications. Our in-house team of doctors and clinical dieticians are easily accessible to help patients adhere to treatment plans and guide them about ways to prevent and control diabetes."

A much higher prevalence observed in Non-communicable diseases will lead to lowered quality of life and strain on the healthcare ecosystem. MediBuddy's vision is to make high-quality healthcare accessible to a billion people. With specialist doctors on our platform, one can leverage and promote to bring about preventive changes in lifestyle and health. Through this collective effort, we can reduce the healthcare ecosystem's burden and improve health metrics for future generations.

About MediBuddy

MediBuddy has always been at the forefront of India’s digital healthcare transformation. The digital healthcare platform has a partner network of 90,000+ doctors across 22+ specialities, 7,100+ hospitals and clinics, 4,000+ diagnostic centres, 2,500+ pharmacies along with a team size of 2200+ members. With its healthcare services available in 16 Indian languages to enable customer-friendly consultation, MediBuddy is bridging the Urban-Rural quality healthcare divide. MediBuddy offers online and offline doctor consultations, medicine delivery, lab tests at home, mental health consultations, surgery care, among other healthcare services.

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