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mPokket introduces ‘Don’t-Feel-Like-It’ policy to promote employee productivity and well-being

mPokket introduces ‘Don’t-Feel-Like-It’ policy to promote employee productivity and well-being

mPokket – a leading digital lending platform – today announced the introduction of its new work-from-home policy, ‘Don’t-Feel-Like-It’ (DFLI), aimed at enhancing employee morale, motivation, and mental well-being while promoting a healthy work-life balance. This innovative policy reflects mPokket’s commitment to fostering a productive and harmonious work environment that prioritizes the overall well-being of its team members.

As per the policy, each individual can avail of up to 12 DFLI days per year, permitting one work-from-home day per month. This progressive policy aligns with mPokket’s core values of employee-centricity and a supportive work environment, as it creates a culture of flexibility and understanding while encouraging a healthy integration of work and personal life.

“We understand the importance of creating an enabling environment for our employees, where they have ample room to grow, learn and thrive. At mPokket, our employees remain the foremost priority. Therefore, their mental health is paramount to our success,” said Gaurav Jalan, CEO & Founder of mPokket. “As a result, through initiatives such as the DFLI policy, we are striving to provide a conducive environment for all employees that enables them to achieve their full potential and grow with the organization.

The DFLI work-from-home policy not only addresses the unique challenges faced by employees in different locations but also serves as a testament to mPokket’s commitment to promoting a healthy work-life balance within the team. By allowing individuals the flexibility to work from home on their chosen days, mPokket empowers employees to better manage personal commitments while maintaining productivity and job satisfaction levels.

mPokket’s introduction of the DFLI policy marks a positive step towards prioritizing employee welfare, reinforcing its dedication to creating a nurturing work ambience that allows individuals to flourish both professionally and personally. With this forward-thinking approach, mPokket aims to foster a positive work-life balance and build a resilient and engaged team that thrives in all aspects of their lives.

The DFLI work-from-home policy comes in addition to all-purpose leaves such as Casual Leaves (CL), Earned Leaves (EL), Sick Leaves (SL), and Maternity/Paternity Leaves. These leave categories are unchanged, with employees entitled to 51 leaves annually, in addition to maternity/paternity leaves.

About mPokket

An Instant Loan App that provides loans to college students and young working professionals, mPokket was founded by Gaurav Jalan in 2016. Borrowers can avail of loans ranging from Rs500 to Rs45,000. mPokket’s business model is similar to credit card lending but it focuses on a segment that is ineligible for traditional loans yet requires instant funds. The loan is disbursed to customers instantly and credited to their bank accounts via smartphones within seconds. Based on this model, the mobile application seamlessly delivers credit anytime, anywhere. With 25 million+ downloads, mPokket has earned the trust of the masses and emerged as a top player in the lending industry.

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