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Nagpur businesses soar with Justdial's digital transformation

Nagpur businesses soar with Justdial's digital transformation

Nagpur, renowned as the growing IT hub of India, is experiencing a significant digital shift. This transformation has spurred the growth of local businesses and small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs). Over the years, the city has witnessed remarkable advancements in the IT sector, with tech giants making their presence felt and playing a pivotal role in reshaping the digital landscape of the region. In line with these developments, the Government of India's ‘MSME Innovative’ Scheme is also helping to promote the adoption of cutting-edge technologies among MSMEs, empowering them to reach new heights.

As a testament to Nagpur's digital evolution, Justdial, a leading digital platform, has emerged as a valuable resource for local businesses. It has been instrumental in helping them establish a robust online presence, connect with potential customers, and facilitate their growth.

Ram Chopade, the owner of RDC CCTV Solutions, embarked on his journey with Justdial in 2016. He believes that it is very important to have a digital presence these days, owing to the digital times that we are in. “With Justdial's support, we established a website that has brought us valuable customers. Moreover, we consistently update our profile on the Justdial platform. Thanks to our positive ratings and reviews, we enjoy a steady stream of quality customers. Justdial connects us with verified and genuine clients, contributing significantly to our business's growth,” Chopade shared.

Describing Justdial as an ideal platform for those starting their entrepreneurial journey, Akashdeep Jais from Ved Engineering Services urges newcomers and businesses in Nagpur to join the platform. He said, “We have been associated with Justdial since August 2014 and started with the small package. As our business expanded, we opted for a local, national, and banner listing on the platform, which expanded our reach. Justdial's impact on our growth is measurable and undeniable.

Sanjay Aswani, the owner of Hitech Mobile Solutions, joined Justdial in 2018 and has reaped remarkable benefits from the platform. Sanjay said, “In 2018, a Justdial executive visited and provided a comprehensive explanation of the platform. Since then, I've remained active on the platform, and my business has been consistently growing. Justdial helps us find clients with a strong intent to transact (and hence better conversion). Almost all the business that I get, I get it through Justdial only.

Justdial has proven to be a valuable partner for businesses in Nagpur, propelling their digital transformation journey. As Nagpur continues to evolve as an IT and digital hotspot, Justdial stands as a helping hand, facilitating the city's businesses in achieving greater heights in the digital era.

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