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New SafestBettingSites website launched to help UK bettors

New SafestBettingSites website launched to help UK bettors

A new website called SafestBettingSites has been launched to help UK bettors navigate the potentially dangerous waters of online gambling. The site provides honest and unbiased reviews of the best betting sites that are fully licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. It also works hard to promote Responsible Gambling and publishes informative articles on how people can bet safely and sensibly. is operated by a team of professional journalists who have decades of betting experience between them. Each bookmaker reviewed by that team is assessed and rated according to its value and performance in several key areas. Those areas include the safety and security measures that are in place, the number of sports being covered, the variety of betting markets on offer and the user-friendliness of the site itself. Reviews also provide details of any bonuses and promotions that are currently available, along with their main terms and conditions.

Protecting players from rogue operators

The new SafestBettingSites is the brainchild of Pavel Pudakov, who is the Head of Gaming UK at digital media giant Finixio Ltd in London. Pavel has seen the gambling industry grow rapidly in recent years and is well aware of the dangers posed by unscrupulous operators.

"The online betting industry has exploded massively in the last decade or two," Pavel said. "And it's good that there are so many excellent regulated betting sites for bettors to choose from. The problem is that we've also seen more than a few rogue operators enter the market, and many bettors find it difficult to tell those apart."

That's where SafestBettingSites and its independent reviews and ratings come in. "It's all about giving people as much accurate information as possible so that they can select a betting site that is genuinely safe and suits their needs," Pavel said. "Gambling itself is a risky business, so it's dangerous to increase those risks further by joining a potentially dubious betting site. Our reviews, ratings and recommendations all serve to guide our readers to the best legal betting sites currently available in the UK."

Why SafestBettingSites is different

There are plenty of online review sites in the world, but not all of them are equal. As Pavel explained, "Many review sites will turn a blind eye to potential problems with certain bookmakers because it's financially beneficial for them to do that. Others will recommend betting sites that operate under licenses issued in other countries where regulations aren't as tight as they are here in the UK.

"SafestBettingSites is proud to be doing things differently by putting integrity and safety ahead of profit. We never review any betting site that doesn't have a full UKGC license to operate. And even then we only recommend those licensed sites that are genuinely head and shoulders above the rest. In that respect, we consider ourselves to be operating to a higher standard than most, and this more honest and transparent approach is one that we'd like to see adopted across the industry."

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