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Nomo Smart Care empowers 'Mom' and her caregivers with comprehensive "Normal Motion™" monitoring

New in-home, no-camera technology changes the game for family & caregivers

Nomo Smart Care empowers 'Mom' and her caregivers with comprehensive "Normal Motion™" monitoring

Nomo Smart Care (Nomo) debuts its powerful in-home safety technology, providing valuable insight into loved ones' daily activity and health information. Nomo enables caregivers to remotely check on Mom's normal motion in her home day and night. It also allows caregivers to understand routines and notifies them when patterns suddenly change, all while protecting Mom's privacy. 

Nomo Smart Care goes well beyond simple potential fall detection. And there are no cameras. The Nomo system is made of three basic components: the hub, satellites, and tags.

The technology goes well beyond simple potential fall detection. And there are no cameras. The Nomo Smart Care system is made of three basic components: the hub, satellites, and tags. Working together the system detects motion and movement throughout the home and shares information through the easy and intuitive Nomo app.

Nomo is easy to install, most within 15 minutes or less. Place the hub in a central location in Mom's home. The hub, along with satellites, detects motion.  The hub also provides two-way voice communication, easily activated through the app. Tags detect movement. Place tags on any surface, like doors and drawers, and report when they move. Tags can also be worn as potential fall-detection pendants and serve as emergency alert buttons. Or install tags in high-risk areas, such as the bottom of stairs and in showers. All tags are shower-proof.

Using the free-to-download app, family members and caregivers can check on normal motion in real-time. Patterns have power. It's easy to see when Mom's day is as expected, and when it's not. Mom didn't open the medicine cabinet? No movement in the kitchen this morning? The user can also set triggers to be alerted when specific activities occur or when expected activities don't occur.

Nomo can alert caregivers of an emergency or quickly escalate to provide seamless connections to 9-1-1 services.

Combining Normal Motion sensors with an easy-to-operate app, Nomo technology allows caregivers to know what's happening in the home, and when something that should happen, didn't happen. 

"Nomo is simple but also really powerful. By checking normal motion, you get information from inside the house and the peace of mind knowing that a loved one's day is on track. That's simple. But turn that around, you can also quickly see when daily life isn't quite right and take action. That's powerful. Put all that in a system that's affordable and easy to install, and you have a game changer, you have Nomo," said Tim Sherno, Chief Marketing Officer,  Nomo Smart Care.

Know More, Worry Less With Biometric Data Information

Motion and movement patterns are just one piece of the health and safety picture. Nomo is partnering with medical monitoring manufacturers to capture important biometric data that alerts caregivers to any fluctuations in Mom's temperature, blood oxygen, and blood pressure. These daily health metrics can be helpful to Mom's medical team, giving them a fuller picture of her health and an opportunity to flag any concerning trends before her next in-office visit.

The Nomo Smart Care Essential Care Kit retails for $250 and is available at,,, and Extend coverage throughout Mom's home with additional tags or satellites.

We are pleased to be partnered with Beurer North America, which currently provides Nomo-compatible Upper Arm and Wrist Blood Pressure Monitors, a Non-contact Thermometer, and a Bluetooth Digital Pulse Oximeter.

About Nomo Smart Care

Nomo Smart Care is the first fully digital option for caregivers that focuses on maintaining their loved one's independence and keeping them in their homes longer. The Nomo Smart Care Essential Care Kit offers simple, intelligent, and connected tools to help caregivers support their loved one's independence while supporting their caregiving needs. The Essential Care Kit includes a smart hub, 2 satellites, and 4 tags. The entire collection of Nomo Smart Care devices is operated by a convenient app and easily connects to any Wi-Fi network. The Nomo Smart Care Essential Care Kit comes equipped with all the devices you need to get started supporting caregivers with the addition of downloading the free Nomo app.

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