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Sun Bum makes SPF waves in Miami with its largest-ever beach hangout for Skin Cancer Awareness Month

Sun Bum makes SPF waves in Miami with its largest-ever beach hangout for Skin Cancer Awareness Month

Today, Sun Bum made waves in Miami with its largest ever beach hangout, marking the conclusion of Skin Cancer Awareness Month and celebrating the brand's Just Use Sunscreen campaign – which advocates for sunscreen use regardless of brand choice. The event drew thousands of locals to Miami Beach to enjoy a day filled with vital sun safety education and tons of free SPF. Given the success and impact of today's feat, the brand is announcing its commitment to an annual tradition with the simple goal of bringing free sun education and SPF directly to the masses.

Miami is one of the US cities with the highest UV exposure, contributing to Florida's rate of melanoma cases each year. And while America is beginning to understand the need for SPF, research still reveals persistent gaps in sun care knowledge, from proper sunscreen application to understanding different types of sunscreen, and unique needs for different skin types. To tackle this head-on, Sun Bum touched down in Miami with its largest beach hangout yet – engaging directly with the community to help bust widespread myths about sunscreen, reinforce the need for SPF, and continue on its mission to empower people to enjoy the sun safely.

The event, held on South Beach, seamlessly brought together fun, sun, education, and protection. Among the highlights was a 10-foot sundial, inviting guests to interact and explore the 'Five S's of Sun Safety': sunscreen, sunglasses, sun hat, shade, and sleeves – a term coined by Sun Bum to demystify essential sun care practices and provide a memorable framework for staying fully protected from UV rays. Also present was a crew of Sun Bum's Sun Safety Ambassadors who not only distributed tons of free-flowing SPF, but also information, resources and tips on sun care and safety directly to the community throughout the day.

As part of the Just Use Sunscreen campaign, which launched ahead of Skin Cancer Awareness Month this year, Sun Bum has already rolled out several initiatives, including a partnership with the Skin Cancer Foundation to provide free skin exams to the public for a week in San Diego, and a series of local beach hangouts across the country offering free education and SPF. The brand also made a massive push to spread awareness and resources across social media channels, partnering with dermatology experts and local personalities to help amplify efforts and reach, and launched an extensive outreach program.

"During Skin Cancer Awareness Month, and now leading into summer, we've been able to give out tens of thousands of free samples of SPF. And knowing that the 2000 people who joined us today are now protected from the Florida sun's harmful rays is incredibly rewarding," said Evan Slater, CMO at Sun Bum.

"Our goal has always been clear: to protect people from the harmful effects of excessive sun exposure, regardless of the brand they choose. Each year, we find new and engaging ways to educate and protect our community, since it's at the core of what we do. We're excited to continue our mission to provide SPF awareness and products to everyone who chooses to live and love in the sun."

The event brought together over 2000 Miami locals, with many eagerly gathering from the early morning while preparations unfolded. As Sun Bum continues to touch down on beaches across the country throughout the summer, those at home can tune into the brand's latest Spotify playlist, featuring all the music from the event, to soak up the vibes and get ready for their local stop.

About Sun Bum

Sun Bum® is a lifestyle company that creates a wide range of premium sun care, hair care, lip care, and baby care products. Founded in 2010, in Cocoa Beach, Florida, the brand was created by a group of friends who wanted products for themselves and their families that reflected the essence, aesthetic, and socially conscious vibe of their small beach community. Sun Bum® started in surf shops, where it still holds its roots, and was quickly discovered by chic boutiques and luxury hotels before becoming one of the fastest-growing brands at Target, Ulta Beauty, CVS, Walgreens, Kroger, and other leading retailers around the world.

While the company has gotten much bigger, they insist that they haven't changed. They still take surf breaks, listen to old albums, don't use focus groups, and try to catch the sunset every night. They make products the way they like them and hope you like them too.

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