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Unacademy makes a remarkable mark in JEE Advanced 2023 with 11 learners in Top 100 Ranks

  • 11 Learners secured All India Ranks (AIR) in the Top 100**

  • Over 3000 Unacademy Learners qualified in the JEE Advanced 2023 examination**

Unacademy makes a remarkable mark in JEE Advanced 2023 with 11 learners in Top 100 Ranks

Unacademy, India’s largest learning platform*, is proud to announce the outstanding performance of its Learners in the highly competitive JEE Advanced 2023. Unacademy Centres, within just a year of launch, has produced stellar results.

The results reflect Unacademy's dedication to offering top-notch education and comprehensive guidance to aspiring engineering professionals. With an achievement of 11 All India Ranks (AIR) in the coveted Top 100, Unacademy has demonstrated its excellence in preparing learners for the most challenging engineering entrance examination.

5 Unacademy Learner also shine as Zonal Toppers in JEE Advanced 2023. Unacademy Learner Deshank Pratap through remarkable performance has secured an outstanding All India Rank 22 and a zonal rank 5 in the IIT Delhi zone. Among other notable achievers from Unacademy are Dhruv Jain who attained an All India Rank of 36, and a zonal rank 1 in the IIT Kharagpur zone, Shivanshu Kumar who secured an All India Rank of 42 and a zonal Rank 3 in the same zone, Nipun Goel who secured an All India Rank of 40, and Abhi Jain who secured an All India Rank 58. The stellar results also include Vivswan Savyasachi with an All India Rank 80 and a zonal rank 1 in the IIT Guwahati zone, and Vaibhav Singh with an All India Rank 100 with a zonal rank 2 in the IIT Kanpur zone.

More than 3000 learners under Unacademy's guidance have qualified in JEE Advanced 2023, further highlighting the effectiveness of the comprehensive learning programs offered by Unacademy.

With its innovative teaching methodologies, expert Educators, and personalized learning approach, Unacademy has consistently empowered Learners to unlock their true potential and excel in competitive examinations. The remarkable performance in JEE Advanced 2023 reinforces Unacademy's position as a trusted partner for quality education and comprehensive exam preparation.

About Unacademy Group

Unacademy was founded by Gaurav Munjal, Hemesh Singh, and Roman Saini in 2015. Started as a YouTube channel by Gaurav Munjal in 2010, Unacademy is India’s largest learning platform with a growing network of 91,000+ registered Educators and over 99 million Learners. With education being imparted in over 14 Indian languages to Learners across 10,000 cities, Unacademy is changing the way India learns. Unacademy Group comprises of Unacademy, Graphy, UnacademyX, NextLevel, and Prepladder.

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