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Unicommerce launches advanced inventory management solution

~ Real-time, multi-location inventory synchronization will enable 100% fulfillment rate and faster order processing ~

Unicommerce launches advanced inventory management solution

Unicommerce, India’s leading ecommerce enablement SaaS platform has launched its advanced inventory management solution with real-time inventory synchronization to help brands fulfill 100% of the orders received and to further boost the speed of processing orders.

Unicommerce’s advanced inventory management solution enables the rerouting of unfulfillable orders by automatically reallocating the orders to next warehouse or store basis real-time availability of inventory across multiple stores and warehouses, with an aim to improve the overall order fulfillment rate.

It also offers the option to pre-compute the availability of bundled stocks per facility to boost the fulfillment rate of bundled orders. The enhanced version will also allow brands to improve product procurement and ensure that they are able to place orders for products well in advance and optimize inventory currently available across multiple facilities. The new solution also allows the sellers to set a minimum threshold for each SKU below which procurement and reallocation processes kick in automatically.

Unicommerce continues to enhance its order management system with new features to further simplify the process of e-invoicing, manage cancellations and reallocation of orders. With clear visibility and real-time tracking of inventory, brands will be able to improve their stock decisions leading to better operational efficiency across warehouses and stores, the benefit of which will eventually be passed on to the end consumer. The addition of AI-based capabilities will help brands to pre-decide on the critical level of inventory and automatically redirect SKUs based on real time inventory sync sending notifications to sellers to route orders for such SKUs.

Speaking about the launch of the solution, Kapil Makhija, CEO Unicommerce said, “At Unicommerce, our product development pipeline is closely guided by the needs of our users. Our aim is to develop and deploy best-in-class technology solutions that remove the operational complexity for fast-growing e-commerce businesses. Our new advanced inventory management solution will allow brands to optimize their inventory utilization to fulfill each serviceable order and will also seamlessly augment the experience for buyers.

Unicommerce has been enabling ecommerce companies, D2C brands, omnichannel retailers and other online sellers With a nationwide presence across 8000+ warehouses and 3000+ stores, Unicommerce currently powers 20000+ businesses across 45+ industry segments and has achieved an annual run rate of processing over 600 million transactions amounting to USD 7bn+ annual GMV.

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