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Unitel HUB: Transforming nomadic education in Mongolia's digital age

Unitel HUB: Transforming nomadic education in Mongolia's digital age

Bayan-Ulgii province, the western outpost of Mongolia, where the winter sun struggles to pierce the frigid morning air, 12-year-old Ochiroo awakens to a smartphone's soft glow. Despite the -45 Celsius temperature and the snow-covered landscape outside, Ochiroo's determination to become an engineer drives him out of bed, heading to the Unitel HUB in Ulgii City, the western frontier of Mongolia.

In a country with just two people per square kilometre, educational opportunities are limited, especially for nomads scattered across the vast expanse and frozen tundra. Unitel, leveraging its technological infrastructure, seeks to bridge this gap.

Currently, 12 Unitel HUBs are operational and have succeeded in altering the landscape and changing the narrative. Future plans of this forward-thinking company include expanding to cover all 21 provinces. This will afford unprecedented access to education for many.

As a testament to Unitel's impact, just months ago, Ochiroo grappled with his first computer mouse. Today, he's coding a toy car to navigate obstacles—an emblematic transformation fueled by Unitel's technological outreach to nomadic communities.

While Ulaanbaatar offers better opportunities, nomadic families face challenges attending distant schools while tending to their herds. Unitel HUB stands as a beacon, bridging this divide and granting remote access to education and skills training for nomadic children.

Beyond engineering aspirations, Unitel's vision encompasses democratising knowledge access. The HUB initiative aims to empower individuals, regardless of location, to attain previously inaccessible skills, marking a pivotal step in Mongolia's educational evolution.

The ultimate goal of Unitel is to establish youth-focused technology centres across the country connecting Mongolia to the rest of the world and opening the door to endless possibilities.

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