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A path to water security in Karnataka with The Art of Living and Ashirwad Pipes

A path to water security in Karnataka with The Art of Living and Ashirwad Pipes

Drawing upon the wisdom and compassion of world-renowned humanitarian and spiritual leader Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, The Art of Living JalTara initiative is addressing India's impending water crisis and eliminating water poverty. 

Transforming Impervious Earth into An Absorbent Sponge

In tackling the pressing issue of groundwater depletion, the primary hurdle often lies in the impermeable nature of the ground, which struggles to retain and replenish rainwater during the monsoon season. Enter the innovative JalTara approach, with structures serving as conduits, allowing rainwater to go deep into the underground aquifers, revitalising the very lifeblood of the ecosystems.

The Art of Living's Scalable Answer to the Groundwater Challenge

The JalTara approach introduces a distinctive concept: 'One Recharge Structure Per Acre'. These structures, measuring 6 feet in depth and 4 feet across, are strategically placed at the lowest point within each arable acre-plot of land. What sets them apart is their ingenious design: flanked by two fruit-bearing trees, they allow rainwater to bypass the dense, impervious topsoil and replenish underground aquifers. With an average of 500 recharge structures per village, this innovative initiative promises not just to conserve water but to nurture thriving ecosystems and secure the water future of future generations.

An MOU with Ashirwad Pipes Pvt Ltd for Karnataka

Recently, in March 2024, The Art of Living signed an MOU with Ashirwad Pipes Pvt Ltd, to build the much needed JalTara groundwater recharge structures across Karnataka. Of these, 500 will be built within the farmland of The Art of Living International Center in Bengaluru and surrounding villages. 

386 JalTara structures have already been built, covering more than 386 acres. Each JalTara groundwater recharge structure is capable of harvesting a significant amount of rainwater, with an estimated minimum of 3,00,000 lakh litres of water infiltrating into the ground. Talking of numbers highlights the scale of water conservation achieved — the initiative is replicable and scalable, serving as a model for visitors to the beautiful ashram, who may seek to implement similar projects in their own communities. 

Huge Impact on Biodiversity

The initiative has led to a huge positive impact on biodiversity within the ashram campus. This includes tree plantation efforts, increased vegetation cover, and a consequent change in eco-diversity. More birds, flora, and fauna thrive, indicating a robust ecosystem nurtured by the conservation measures implemented — such as increased groundwater storage capacity within the ashram campus.

Ambitious JalTara Plans for the Future

Construction of 500 JalTara groundwater recharge structures will soon commence in North Karnataka. Going beyond Karnataka borders, The Art of Living and Ashirwad project will expand to cover Telangana with 1,000 JalTara structures and 2,000 in Maharashtra. 

Furthermore, The Art of Living has joined forces with the Save Groundwater Foundation, USA, to construct around 14,000 JalTara structures in Partur, Jalna and Ghansawangi in Jalna district, Maharashtra.

The JalTara project's journey from drought to abundance encapsulates a triumph that transcends the ordinary. Rooted in the needs of rural communities, this initiative champions the power of collective action, simplicity, and strategic thinking. 

About The Art of Living - Social Projects 

The Art of Living, a non-profit, educational, and humanitarian organisation founded in 1981 by the world-renowned humanitarian and spiritual leader Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, works closely with the Government of India to relieve the country from water scarcity through various water conservation projects. 

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