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AI-driven solution to revolutionise clinical trials and diversify patient recruitment and support

RxPx receives co-investment from DIGITAL to combine digital health AI technology with industry partners to transform the delivery and success of clinical trials worldwide

AI-driven solution to revolutionise clinical trials and diversify patient recruitment and support

1 in 3 people worldwide suffer from multiple chronic diseases, and 85% of clinical trials struggle to enrol sufficient and diverse enough patients to bring lifesaving drugs to market for these diseases.

With co-investment from DIGITAL, Canada's Global Innovation Cluster for digital technologies; RxPx is launching an 'AI Clinical Buddy System', to leverage AI towards enhancing patient recruitment, adherence, diversity, and engagement in clinical trials. The project is a powerhouse partnership between RxPx and industry leaders OPTT, UMed, Aparito, AxialBridge, UBC, York University, and distinguished UK researchers. Using machine learning, as well as persuasive, generative, and predictive AI approaches, the AI Clinical Buddy System helps reduce operation overheads, enhances patient physical and behavioural tracking, and improves adherence, retention, and engagement.

"The ultimate aim of any clinical trial is to bring life-saving therapies to market quickly and safely to help as many patients as possible. The AI Clinical Buddy System will help life sciences companies and patient populations worldwide. While we have been developing patient-centric AI for the past 5 years, we're tremendously excited to be working alongside industry leaders in this transformative project," says Lynda Brown-Ganzert, CEO of RxPx.

"DIGITAL is excited to build upon the over 5 years of investments we've made in applied AI with this latest announcement," said Nadia Shaikh-Naeem, Vice President of Programs at DIGITAL"Led by RxPx, this incredible mix of consortium partners is tackling an increasing imperative for the efficacy and diversity of clinical trials. We continue to be proud to co-invest alongside innovators like RxPx and support partnerships such as these that are building on Canada's global reputation in AI and advancing international commercial pathways for Canadian companies."

DIGITAL's co-investment in this project is supported through the Technology Commercialisation stream within their specialised Horizon AI program: DIGITAL's national program that seeks to capture Canada's economic potential for applied AI.

The project consortium includes Axial Bridge, uMed, OPTT Health, Aparito, Caoimhe Vallely-Gilroy Consulting, UBC's Dr Martin-Ginis, York University's Dr Nayebi and Dr Toshner (Heart and Lung Research Institute NIHR Clinical Research Facility, Cambridge University).

About RxPx

RxPx is an innovative, AI-backed, digital health SaaS platform designed specifically for the needs of life sciences. Available in 127 countries and 12 languages, RxPx makes life easier for patients, caregivers, and HCPs and helps customers deliver unparalleled value while differentiating their therapeutic brands. With a 'No Patient Alone' mission, the RxPx platform helps streamline speciality therapy workflows and personalised patient support to help life sciences companies deliver safe, scalable, and highly impactful programs for their brands.

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