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Mankind Pharma combats leprosy: Announces strategic tie-up with Lepra Society to establish CDCCs, to screen 80,000 individuals

Mankind Pharma combats leprosy: Announces strategic tie-up with Lepra Society to establish CDCC centres, to screen 80,000 individuals

Mankind Pharma, a leading pharmaceutical company in India, has announced a strategic partnership with the Lepra Society to launch a comprehensive initiative aimed at eradicating, raising awareness, and treating leprosy. Under their CSR arm, the company is committed to making a meaningful impact in regions affected by leprosy, and as part of this commitment, they have established five exclusive Comprehensive Disability Care Centres (CDCC) across different locations.


The CDCCs are strategically positioned in regions identified as high-impact areas, including the NTR District in Andhra Pradesh, Guru Gobind Hospital in Delhi, the Government Hospital in Chandarpur, Maharashtra, the Community Care Centre in Odisha, Koraput, and Nirmal District in Telangana. These centres are operational throughout the year, addressing various issues related to leprosy and elephantiasis. The company aims to provide essential treatment and raise awareness through these centres, collaborating closely with the Lepra Society.


Mr Sheetal Arora, CEO of Mankind Pharma, expressed his enthusiasm for this initiative, stating, "At Mankind Pharma, we are deeply committed to the well-being of communities in India. Our partnership with the Lepra Society is a step forward in our mission to eradicate leprosy and create awareness. The CDCCs in key regions will play a crucial role in providing treatment and support to those affected by leprosy. We hope that the targeted communities will benefit from this renewed focus on leprosy."


Mankind Pharma will undertake a range of vital activities to combat leprosy and its socio-economic impacts. Over 80,000 individuals will undergo comprehensive screening, accompanied by extensive awareness programs designed to educate and inform communities.

Additionally, the initiative aims to provide treatment to more than 6,000 patients through the morbidity management and disability program, showcasing the commitment to holistic care. Over 10 reconstructive surgeries are slated to take place, aimed at restoring normalcy for affected individuals.


Recognising the broader impact of leprosy, the initiative will also extend socio-economic support to over 400 families, addressing the multi-faceted challenges faced by communities. These concerted efforts reflect Mankind Pharma's dedication to making a meaningful impact on the lives of those affected by leprosy.


About Mankind Pharma

Mankind Pharma (BSE: 543904 | NSE: MANKIND) is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in India, which focuses on the domestic market with its Pan India presence. Mankind operates at the intersection of the Indian pharmaceutical formulations and consumer healthcare sectors with the aim of providing quality products at affordable prices. The company is a leading player in the domestic pharmaceuticals business present across acute and chronic therapeutic areas including anti-infectives, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, antidiabetic, neuro/CNS, VMN and respiratory, among others with a strategy to increase chronic presence going ahead. In the consumer healthcare business, the company operates in the condoms, pregnancy detection, emergency contraceptives, antacid powders, vitamin and mineral supplements and anti-acne preparations categories, among others, with several category-leading brands. The company has 28 manufacturing facilities in India manufacturing a wide range of dosage forms, including tablets, capsules, syrups, vials, ampoules, blow-fill seals, soft and hard gels, eye drops, creams, contraceptives and other over-the-counter products. Mankind has a consistent track record of product innovation through 6 dedicated R&D facilities backed by more than 600 scientists.

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