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MediSim VR unveils India's first VR Skill Training Lab for nursing at KD Hospital, inaugurated by Hon'ble Minister Rushikesh Patel in Ahmedabad

MediSim VR unveils India's first VR Skill Training Lab for nursing at KD Hospital, inaugurated by Hon'ble Minister Rushikesh Patel in Ahmedabad

MediSim VR, a leader in healthcare simulation training technology, is delighted to announce the establishment of Gujarat's first VR Skill Training Lab at KD Hospital, inaugurated by the Hon'ble Minister, Rushikesh Patel, Health & Family Welfare, Gujarat.

This state-of-the-art VR skill training lab at KD Hospital is designed to provide immersive and highly realistic medical scenario simulations, enabling nursing students and healthcare professionals to practice essential medical procedures and develop critical clinical skills in a safe, controlled environment. Additionally, the lab is equipped with MediSim VR's ergonomically designed and patented automated VR stations. This innovative technology ensures a high standard of training and helps bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application.

As a Center of Excellence (CoE), the lab will not only benefit students and healthcare professionals from KD Hospital but will also extend its advanced training facilities to other nursing colleges across Gujarat, fostering a comprehensive improvement in healthcare education throughout the state.

Dr. Adith Chinnaswami, Co-Founder of MediSim VR, expressed his confidence and stated, "Working together with KD Hospital to set up Gujarat's first VR skill training lab is a milestone for MediSim VR. The new lab is set to benefit students' and healthcare professionals skill development, as it equips them with hands-on experience, boosting their confidence and expertise in medical procedures."

Dr. Anuja Desai, Executive Director, KD Hospital commented, "By integrating this state-of-the-art simulation training technology into our curriculum, we not only enhance our students' learning experience but also serve as a training hub for healthcare professionals across Gujarat. As a Center of Excellence, the MediSim VR Lab will play a significant role in upskilling nursing students. We are proud to lead this educational change and prepare our students as healthcare leaders of the future."

About Medisim VR

MediSim VR is a leading healthcare simulation company that offers patented technology designed to meet the unique needs of healthcare training worldwide. MediSim VR's AI-powered competency assessment tools and immersive virtual training environments improve the performance of nursing students, doctors, and healthcare professionals by offering unparalleled immersive experiences that redefine medical education.

About KD Hospital

KD Hospital (Kusum Dhirajlal Hospital) is a multi/super speciality hospital, with state-of-the-art facilities and treatments at an affordable cost, encompassing a wide spectrum of accurate diagnostics and elegant therapeutics created on the philosophical edifice of patient and ethical centricity, ensuring humanistic dispensation.


Established in 2018, KD Institutes Of Allied Health Sciences (KDIAHS) provides top programs in nursing, physiotherapy, and optometry. With the KD Simulation Academy for Immersive Learning (KDSAIL), KDIAHS remains a leader in innovative healthcare education.

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