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Tri-City Cardiology's Ambulatory Surgical Centre (ASC) leads the way in revolutionising heart failure management

In the ongoing battle against heart failure, continuous monitoring stands as a beacon of hope. Among the array of innovative solutions, the CardioMEMS™ HF System shines brightly, offering a groundbreaking approach to managing this debilitating condition. Imagine a world where patients can receive crucial heart failure management in the comfort of an outpatient setting, such as an Ambulatory Surgical Centre (ASC). This vision is now a reality, with Tri-City Cardiology's ASC at the forefront of this medical revolution. Access to cutting-edge technology is key in reshaping the landscape of heart failure management. The CardioMEMS HF System embodies this shift, offering a minimally invasive procedure that provides real-time monitoring of pulmonary artery pressure—a vital metric in tracking heart failure progression.

Notably, while this technology has been available in hospital settings, the Centres for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) recognition to perform these procedures at our ASC marks a significant advancement in accessibility and convenience for patients. At Tri-City Cardiology's ASC, patients can now undergo this procedure with ease, thanks to its streamlined approach and expertise in outpatient care. Being one of the first ASCs selected to perform this procedure, Tri-City Cardiology demonstrates its commitment to innovation and patient-centred care. Once implanted, the CardioMEMS sensor seamlessly transmits data to healthcare providers, empowering them to monitor patients remotely and make timely interventions. This proactive monitoring enables early detection of changes in pulmonary artery pressure, allowing for personalised treatment plans tailored to each patient's needs. The benefits of CardioMEMS extend beyond early detection; they encompass a clinically proven improvement in quality of life. By preventing heart failure exacerbations and reducing hospitalisations, patients can experience fewer symptoms and regain a sense of independence and mobility. Moreover, the integration of CardioMEMS into mainstream healthcare practices holds the promise of significant cost savings by minimising the need for emergency interventions and hospitalisations.

Tri-City Cardiology's ASC serves as a pioneer in advancing cardiac care, integrating innovative technologies like CardioMEMS into outpatient settings. As technology continues to advance, such initiatives herald a brighter and healthier future for individuals battling heart failure. In the journey towards better heart failure management, the CardioMEMS HF System represents not just a milestone, but a paradigm shift. With Tri-City Cardiology, patients can rest assured knowing that they are receiving the most advanced and personalised care available, right in their own community.

About Tri-City Surgical Centres and Tri-City Cardiology

In 2022, the Ambulatory Surgical Centre (ASC) opened, offering a wide range of services, including the latest innovations in heart failure management. Tri-City Surgical Centres is a modern, free-standing, state-of-the-art ambulatory surgical centre designed to help patients receive quality care outside of the traditional hospital setting, allowing Tri-City Cardiologists to complete the continuum of care for our patients while offering a multitude of additional benefits.

Tri-City Surgical Centres allow patients to be seen quicker with a more predictable schedule and in some cases lower cost.  The centre offers many outpatient surgical procedures including pacemaker and defibrillator insertion, replacement, loop recorder insertion, heart catheterisations, cardiac angioplasty, cardiac stenting, and peripheral angiograms and interventions.

Established in 1979, Tri-City Cardiology is widely known for its progressive and innovative approach to heart and vascular services. Tri-City Cardiology consists of 27 board-certified physicians coming from some of the top medical universities and fellowship programs in the country. We provide comprehensive services, including medical cardiology, diagnostic testing, interventional cardiology, electrophysiology, peripheral vascular testing, medical imaging, vein centre, and disease management clinics (heart failure, anticoagulation, and device). Tri-City Cardiology has multiple office locations in the Phoenix Metropolitan area and has affiliations with both Banner and Dignity Hospital Facilities for inpatient services.

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